​​​​​​​Obstacle race training with a

real world race day experience!





Obstacle course racing is the fastest growing sport in the last decade with over 4.5 million participants and growing! There fun races, tough races, long races, extreme races...there's a race for everyone. Since 2012 Phoenix Evolution has designed and developed a training program that's for all fitness levels. Whether you are looking to get on the podium or just looking to make it to the finish line with a few of your closest friends we have you covered.

OCR Class Descriptions:

*OCR Circuit Training: A Group Fitness Class that incorporates a full body workout that is designed to keep you moving to maximize your calorie burn. This workout blends a combination of power, strength and endurance that you need to conquer any obstacle course.

 *OCR Simulation Training: Our OCR Class is a full-body obstacle course simulation workout that incorporates running, carrying, climbing, jumping, and crawling using monkey bars, ropes, tires, and spears to help you prepare for events like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac, Savage Race etc. Online registration is required, our Punch Cards are a great value if you plan on dropping in more than once.

*OCR HIIT: This High Intensity Interval Training class is designed for improving your Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance. Just like on race day the obstacles come at you often hard and fast, and so will the intensity of this class.

*Kettlebells with KK: Our Kettlebell training builds powerful forearms, legs, core, and a strong grip to conquer the most common obstacles such as Twister, Monkey Bars, Multi Rig and more. The cardiorespiratory fitness you gain is icing on the cake.


Provide you a real world race day experience only available at Phoenix Evolution OCR Training.