​​​​​Obstacle race training with a

real world race day experience!




Obstacle course racing is the fastest growing sport in the last decade with over 4.5 million participants. There fun races, tough races, long races, extreme races...there's a race for everyone.

Obstacle courses challenge muscles that you may not use everyday and test endurance in ways that you haven't been tested. Obstacle races will challenge you both mentally and physically;  so preparation is key!

The most common question asked in the obstacle race community is, “How should I train for an obstacle race?”  The answer depends on your background and  your goals  for the event. When people ask this question they are really asking “what exercises should I do?”

No matter how or how hard you train,  you really never know what to expect on race day.  Weekday training sessions are intense total-body exercise routines designed to increase your strength, agility and cardiovascular endurance. Obstacle specific technique and agility is offered during OCR Wednesday classes and Saturday training events which includes 3-5 miles with 20 plus obstacles.  Be prepared for anything and everything they may throw at you on race day!

It doesn't matter if you are an elite OCR athlete or a beginner, everyone needs a place to hone their skills. So we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, bring your friends, family, and co-workers and  see what we are all about.


Provide you a real world race day experience only available at Phoenix Evolution OCR Training.